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“Look at him and tell me what happened.” Sherlock casually gestured to the body that was the centre of a crime scene.

Yellow police tape blocked the off the flight of stairs that you were currently standing on. John shot Sherlock a disapproving look and Lestrade ran his hand through his greying hair. You merely rolled your eyes in Sherlock’s direction before crouching down next to the body. Quickly your eyes ran over the man taking in everything you could before standing up and sending Sherlock a smug grin.

“It was an accident. He tripped over his trouser leg at the very top of the stairs, he was in a rush and the lift isn’t working. Lost his balance and rolled down the stairs. Probably went headfirst and was quickly knocked unconscious hence why he fell down so many flights without stopping or calling for help. Officer worker with no partner and if his parents are still alive they are very elderly.”

You smiled at Sherlock who begrudgingly nodded his head in agreement; he could never get use to you almost seeing what he saw. The fact you could surprise him at times intrigued Sherlock and made him want to test you. Turning on his heel Sherlock ducked under the police tape and headed out of the apartment block. John apologised for Sherlock and bid Lestrade goodbye and then followed you down the stairs. Once outside you found that Sherlock had already hailed a cab and now was impatiently waiting for the pair of you. Purposely you slowed down and slowly ambled over to the waiting vehicle. You slipped in, taking the middle sit.

“Can you just drop me off on Brompton Road before going home? Just need to dive into work and check something.”

“Fine but pick a bottle of something up. We are visiting my parents tomorrow.” Sherlock scowled as he mentioned parents.

John smiled at the involuntary reaction. “They are nice people and he likes them. Deep down.”

You laughed and wondered how deep his feelings for his parents hidden were. The driver stopped the taxi which alerted you to the fact that you were at Brompton Road. John got out allowing you to leave. After a quick embrace you walked towards Harrods. Once inside you headed to the vast food court, the exquisite interior taking your breath away like it always did. The beautiful columns, intricate ceilings and chandeliers only hinted at the delights that the room held. Expertly you navigated your way around the shoppers until you reached the wine section. A vast variety of bottles lay before you each of them appealing in their own way, now all you had to do was decide what bottle Mr and Mrs Holmes would like. You took a small sidestep to avoid being walked into and a large hand rested on the side of your waist.The hand was warm, supportive and familiar.

“Can’t go wrong with a bottle of Agricola Punica.” The sound of Mycroft’s voice caused you to smile.

“Is that because you enjoy so you recommend it for everyone?” You turned around as you spoke to smile at Mycroft who returned a small smile.

The fact that he knew where you were did not shock or surprise you; it was nice to see him sporadically. Quickly he lent forward and placed a quick kiss on your lips before leaving you to purchase the wine. The scent of his aftershave remained with you as you left Harrods.

Upon your return to Baker Street Sherlock demanded to see what you had bought his parents. As he ran his hands over the smooth bottle he spoke.

“By the way my brother will also be there.”
This may be the beginning of a Sherlock x Reader x Mycroft story if people are interested. I hope you enjoy it.

Here is the next part and thank you for all of the comments :hug: 

And the third chapter is here

I own nothing but the plot
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Well I would love to read it, but DA is really really messed up again and covering half of the story. =A=
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