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Home? (Hints of Mycroft x Reader)
The blood had finally dried as you unlocked the door to your beach front cottage. Mycroft was supposed to be in London all weekend so did not need to know that your latest mission had resulted in some minor injuries. At least that was the plan, and all well laid plans usually go to waste. None of the lights in the front of the cottage had been on as you approached, however, upon unlocking the front door and pushing it open you found yourself being bathe in the glow of kitchen light. Mycroft appeared in the doorway and was quickly joined by John and Sherlock, all of whom had heard the door opening.
“What are you doing here?’, “Are you hurt?”, “What is he doing in my house?”, “Who did this?”, “We’ve never been introduced, I’m John Watson’
A symphony of voices and questions filled the air. Mycroft was looking at you with an air of concern whilst you shot Sherlock a look of annoyance, John merely looked overwhelmed as
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Secret: George Weasley x Reader
“That’s my knee!”
“I know it is”
“Get your hands off me or I swear”
“George, behave.”
“Yeah George behave, listen to the prefect.”
The hand that was on your knee vanished, leaving you both relived and disappointed. The owner of the hand was George Weasley, fellow Gryffindor and utter pain in the arse. One of the many pranks the Weasley twins had developed had backfired, leaving you all in the Gryffindor common room with no fire and no light source, whilst you were none the wiser about what the spell should have actually achieved.
“Well I hope you know how to fix it or McGonagall is going to flip, and I will not hesitate to blame you two only” Exclaimed an exasperated Hermione who then started to make her way to the girl’s dormitory, her journey punctuated with the tapping of the furniture and the occasional ‘ouch’ as she walked into the many chairs that cluttered the room.
You felt a hand ge
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Paint: Greg Lestrade x Reader
Tins littered the floor creating an obstacle course that greeted Greg as he opened the door. Without making a sound he carefully picked his way through the mess and entered the lounge, not bothering to place his suitcase down. All the furniture was pressed into the middle of the room and covered with paint splattered dustsheets. The far wall was covered in an array of different paints, all varying in shades and finishes. In the middle of the chaos was you, staring straight at him with one hand on your hip whilst other held a paint brush.
“I can explain. You are supposed to be in Scotland tonight.”
“I don’t see how that is relevant but please do enlighten me.” He fought to keep the amusement out of his voice, you looked adorable. Hair was falling out of your messy bun and small paint smudges scattered your hair line.
A small grin appeared on your lips, he was not angry at you. Carefully you tucked the paintbrush into the pocket of your dungarees and walked
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Enough? Steve Rogers x Reader
Never enough you thought as you walked down the street. I’m never enough for him, the words repeated over and over in your head. They were your words, not his, and merely a reflection of your own thoughts not his. What does he see in me you muttered under your breath, hoping that passers-by could not hear you. I’m a mess just look at me; you ran a hand through your hair before pulling it up into a pony tail. Without thinking your feet had led you to the local park and the scent of the flowers tickled your nose. Screaming children played ball games watched carefully by their parents, teenagers played music and chatted, couples walked and enjoyed the sunshine all backed by a perfect sky.
Not wanting company you sat down under a tall oak tree, its trunk being thick enough to fit you from view and the leafy canopy offering respite from the beating sun. Sitting crossed legged you tried not to think about the empty house you had left, the empty house your lover would return home
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Belated Valentines: Mycroft x Reader
February 14th had been and gone with no card from your boyfriend. Not that it was a surprise to you that he forgot or completely ignored the date; to him it was just another day.  But deep down part of you wanted him to recognise that the day was special to you even if he thought it was stupid. At the same time you knew missing out on certain celebrations was just part of dating Mycroft Holmes. You pushed your key into the lock and opened the door the Mycroft’s impressive London home.
“Mycroft I’m home.” You highly doubted that he would be in but it felt courteous to announce your arrival.
Silence met your ears as you removed your winter coat and hung it on the coatrack before removing your shoes which you placed neatly underneath it. Your tight clad feet made no notice on the tiles as you made your way to the kitchen. Light bounced off a crystal cut vase catching your attention. Within the vase a bunch of (favourite flowers) were carefully arranged causing
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Fire: Sherlock x Reader
Everything had happened so quickly. One moment you were walking down the street wrapping your checked scarf around your neck to keep out the chill and the next thing you knew your surroundings had completely changed. The scent of wood tickled your nose as you looked around and gently cursed, you were inside a wooden tipi on the 5th of November. Once this had sunk in you began to scream for help.
Sherlock looked around the room, something was missing. The furniture was back in its correct place so what was it. The thundering of feet coming up the stairs distracted him. Opening the door he was greeted with Mary showing him the screen of her phone. Everything else was forgotten as he wrapped his scarf around his throat and raced down the stairs.  
Petrol fumes stung your nose and stuck in the back of your throat. Your mouth moved but no one seemed to hear the words coming out of it. Well what a way to die, you thought, going up in smoke on bonfire night. The sound outside loudened an
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Government Fails : Mycroft x Reader
Blood trickled down your face as you gripped the right side of chest whilst struggling to open the door of your brother's flat. Luckily he was out and so did not interrupt you as made your way to the medicine cupboard and threw everything on the floor in the search for painkillers. After swallowing the little pills you gently stripped off to inspect the damage that had been inflicted. Bruising was developing on your right ribs and a shallow cut ran across the top of your arm. Tenderly you probed your scalp and much to your relief found only a small cut and no swellings. Deciding to stitch the cut on your arm later you stepped into the shower and allowed the warm water to run over your body as you cleaned up and rubbed the stiff,achy muscles. By the time your brother returned home you were seated on the sofa watching a random channel wearing loose fitting pyjamas to hid the bandage covering the top of your arm. Lestrade let out a chuckle as he entered the room and took in your clothing.
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Another Morning : Sherlock x Reader
The harsh white light did nothing except illuminate the bruising across your sleeping face highlighting your injuries as Sherlock entered the room. The constant beeping of the monitor and your breathing filled the air, everything outside of the room forgotten about as he crossed the room to sit in on the plastic chair near your bed. Just shock, bruising and fractured ribs they said, nothing to be worried about but uncharacteristically Sherlock was worried. It was his fault, he dragged you out on the case as John was on a date only to watch you  be pushed and tumble down the stairs whilst he was busy being brilliant. All the pain you were feeling could have been prevented but he could not manage to look out for you. Gently he laced his larger hand with your smaller one and pressed a kiss to your knuckles. Sherlock remained by your bed all night until the sunlight peeked around the curtains. He let go out your hand and ran his fingers threw your (hair colour) strands before running
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Give Me a Chance: Mycroft x Reader
Golden sand tickled your bare feet as you walked on the beach, the setting sun casting orange and pink light into the sky. The idealistic beach was void of anyone else the lazy azure waves hitting the sand being the only noise. A light breeze caused the thin skirt of your floral sundress to whip around your knees. Yet despite the beautiful scenery you did not feel complete, the one person you wanted to share the view with was sitting in a stiflingly hot office more interested in his paperwork than you. Taking a deep breath you decided that you were going to leave him, the lack of attention was becoming more and more commonplace in your relationship and you no longer wanted to deal with it. Knowing your resolve would break if you told him face to face you pulled out your phone and sent him the message:
It's over
Once it had gone you carefully pulled off the back and prised out the battery and sim card before chucking them into a nearby bin. It was going to be a clean break so you
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Sorry : Sherlock x Molly
Sherlock crouched on the sofa of 221B his blue dressing gown wide open to expose the blue and white striped pyjamas underneath. His finger tips pressed together and he thought. The thoughts of the genius drifted to Molly, brown haired brown eyed Molly, Molly who was always there and who dealt with everything he threw at her. He knew it was not love, the lack of butterflies proved that, and it was not the same way he felt about John, the strong urge to protect his blogger still had Sherlock stumped. This was different he almost wanted to apologies for everything he had done, the drugs, the insulting her boyfriends, insulting her looks. Upon deciding that saying he was sorry was the way forward Sherlock left the flat, in his pyjamas, and proceeded to get the tube across London to St Barts. Hospital ignoring the strange looks for fellow passengers.
Sherlock headed straight to the morgue knowing he would defiantly find Molly there. The familiar brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail as s
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You : Jack Harkness x Reader
It was wonderful, breath taking and completely scary all at the same time. You saw the fall of Rome, the rise of a new empire and visited completely different planets. All because a blue box landed in the street and you got charmed by Jack Harkness and decided it would be a fantastic idea to join him and Doctor on their travels. And it was, you stood by your decision to go with them and you enjoyed it thoroughly but something played on your mind. You and Jack engaged in a physical relationship yet he still flirted with other people, aliens, robots. Slowly it made you worry that you were not enough and he would leave or suggest you return back to Earth, you had no idea how you would cope if that happened.
Jack opened the door to room you shared on the Tardis. You were sat on the edge of the double bed facing the opposite wall so did not know he entered but he could tell something was wrong. You had become more distant over the last few journeys, spending more time with the Doctor and on
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Wake Up! Moriarty x Sister!Reader
Messy (h/c) hair stuck up all over the place as your brother opened your bedroom door. He had been calling your name repeatedly and had had no reply. Harsh sunlight filled the room as Jim pulled back the floral curtains yet you did not stir. He rolled his eyes at your ability to sleep through everything. The only sound to escape you was a small snore as you rolled over, wrapping the blanket tighter around your body. Jim crossed the room and firmly shook your shoulder but still you did not react. His patience was starting to grow thin then he had an idea. Gently he peeled back part of the blanket to expose the base of your throat. As he held the blanket back with one hand the other poured a glass of freezing cold water onto your skin. Instantly your eyes opened and in an attempt to free yourself from your cocoon you rolled off the bed and hit the floor with a loud thud. A wicked smile was plastered to your brothers face as he looked down on you.
“Finally you're awake.”
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Brothers: Sherlock x Reader
A shaky apology left your lips as you left the kitchen to search for Sherlock. You had a feeling he would be in the study and it turned out to be true. He sat with his back facing the door, his bent as he poured over some book.
“I thought about it.” Your words sounded louder than you had expected.
His head spun towards you yet he made to no attempt to move towards you but he looked at you expectantly. You faltered not quite sure what to do now. Mycroft was dealing with your open rejection yet Sherlock hardly seemed please to see you. So instead of doing anything you stood there looking like a lemon waiting for something, anything, to happen. A small thud alerted you to the fact that Sherlock had put the book down and that he was now standing in front of you. His ability to move so silently at times still freaked you out on occasion despite the fact that he often creeped around the flat.
“I'm going to buy you a bell.”
A small chuckle slipped past his lips and a s
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Brothers : Mycroft x Reader
There was no hesitation as you reached out and wrapped your hand around Mycroft's wrist to prevent him from leaving. Your words caught in your throat as his eyes roamed over your face trying to read you. Instead you mouthed a silent please and waited for his reaction, for him to accept your decision or to throw you away. Part of you wondered if your friendship with Sherlock would disintegrate due to your decision whilst another part wondered if Mycroft would ever trust you. The few seconds that past felt like an eternity until he reached out and pulled you into his chest. You rested your head against his chest, inhaling the smell that was Mycroft; soap, whiskey, expensive cologne and a faint hint of cigarette smoke. Both of his arms wrapped themselves around your waist as yours wound around his middle.
“Move in with me.”
Gently you pulled out of the hug and look at his face.
“Are you sure? I don't want to get in the way or...or anything.”
A small smile appeared
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Party Sherlock x Reader
Without thanking the man you pushed past him and headed into the party seeking out Molly. You berated yourself for not listening to your brother, he knew this could happen and you ignored him. Molly smiled when she saw you and introduced you to someone called Greg before leaving you to talk. The curly haired male you had left on the landing entered the room causing you to draw a sharp breath. You racked your brain trying to remember what Jim had said about the Holmes boys. The man moved over to talk to a shorter gentleman who you recognised, the shorter man was John Watson meaning that it was Sherlock Holmes who had noticed you.
“Stupid consulting detective.” You whispered, luckily no one else overheard.
Bright blue eyes caught your own causing you to falter and spill your drink down your top. Unsure of what the drink was you headed to the bathroom to clean yourself up. Sherlock followed and slipped into the room behind you before locking the door. You were cursing to yours
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Party Mycroft x Reader
Without answering you pulled your hand out of their grasp. Your mouth opened but no words came out but you did do a good impression of a goldfish. Unable to look at him in the face you chose to stare at the thinning carpet instead. Jim had warned you that they may know and he was true, you felt like such a fool for not listening to your brother. Quickly you decided that it would be easier to leave and turned to go but a hand held your wrist and preventing you from going anywhere. You span your head back to glare at the man but he did not look bothered. Despite the Holmes' being your brothers 'arch enemies' you had not been interested and so did not know you held your wrist.
“Let me go.”
“That will not be happening. Perhaps you could accompany me somewhere more private so we can talk.” Something in the ginger haired males tone made it sound like a command not a question.
Hesitantly you nodded and the grip on you was released. As he moved past you down the stairs
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Fever-Jack Harkness/Reader
Classic lyrics were crooned over a new techno drumbeat, loudly accompanied by the chatter of the club. Shadows caught the neon lights flashing overhead as girls in flapper dresses spun wildly, their skin and dresses swirling with color as they danced with their partners. The bar was mostly empty, since most people had taken to the dance floor, except for a striking, dark haired man in a military jacket who was swirling a drink in his hand. The corners of his mouth were suited for an easy smile, but they were tightly pulled downward, and his eyes were narrowed as they reflected the lights of the dance floor.
It had taken three hours, the promise of a fantastic cheeseburger, twenty bucks, and a vintage themed club to get you to spend the night on the town. Jack had ordered, harassed, and whined through the crack under your door until you’d finally thrown up your hands in exasperation and gotten out the sleekest red dress you owned, tugged on a pair of heels, and dolled yourself up.
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Watch over you (Loki x Reader) One-shot
Your heart was throbbing violently in your ears. Every inch of your body hurt and your throat had never been this dry before. You slowly opened your eyes, getting blinded by the sunlight coming through the windows in your room in Stark Tower.
You had been there several months now as an addition to the team, but mostly to keep an eye on Loki. After everything that had happened on Asgard Loki had been banished. The Asgardians had demanded his death, but his brother, Thor, had offered the God of mischief mercy, sending him back to earth to serve the very people he had so desperately tried to kill when he first arrived on earth.
When you had first learned of the real reason for your promotion you had been furious. Fury knew as well as anyone else what Loki had done to you. You could still hear his voice in your head sometimes, ordering you to kill innocent people. You had been under his spell, just like Clint, and there had been nothing you could do about it. You had been in the wrong plac
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Mature content
Massage- Mycroft x Reader :iconthorn-in-her-side:Thorn-In-Her-Side 33 33
It Had to Happen Series- RDJ Sherlock x Reader
(A/n- I've decided to make a series that is basically the mind vomit ideas that decide to come out of my head... just like that Bilbo one I wrote a while back. They may or may not become part of another series... They will be entirely random and unrelated...Mostly it's just to get these things out of my head... and share them with you. ENjoy.)
Light flooded the messy room and Sherlock Holmes shrieked, throwing his hands up against the stinging brightness as John Watson chuckled. The doctor finished opening the curtains as he notified his friend, “I do hope you remember that my sister is coming for a visit Sherlock. I expect you to be on your best behavior and to put on something more than your nightclothes. She is a proper lady and you will treat her as such.”
“Of course my dear Watson. I wouldn’t dream of doing otherwise.”
John turned to give him a look that said I’m serious and I don’t believe you but Sherlock wasn’t looking at him, hav
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 159 58
Dinner - Hannibal x Reader (One Shot)
When Hannibal came home that evening part of him expected you to be gone. That morning he had stormed out after a huge argument between the two of you.
But even now, he could not remember what had started it. So when he arrived back from visiting a client in their own home he was very glad to still see your car in the driveway.
‘(y/n)?’ he called as he entered the house.
‘I’m in here,’ you called from the kitchen. Hannibal could smell something delicious instantly and followed your voice into the kitchen.
There was a considerable amount of mess and it had taken a number of tries before you managed to get the recipe right for the meal.
In no way were you able to cook like Hannibal could, you could barely make a sandwich without screwing it up. You were currently stirring a pot on the stove that was filled with a mushroom white sauce and you were trying your hardest not to burn it.
‘What are you doing?’ Hannibal asked after observing for a moment
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 129 20
Mature content
No More Ninjas (Mycroft x Reader Drabble) :iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 122 32
Christmas with the family...: Lestrade x Reader
Your mother had insisted all three of her children return home for Christmas, also that they could bring friends. What she didn’t plan for was the amount of people coming. You loved your mother dearly and loved visiting her, and both your brothers loved her. Mycroft and Sherlock were both guilt tripped into attending by a lengthy conversation on the phone with both your mother and father.  Thus six people were shoved into a small car, your brother Mycroft opted to drive to avoid being squished against another human being. Sherlock took the seat opposite the driver for much the same reason. This left John, Mary, Greg your boyfriend and you to squish into the back. John took one seat as did Mary, you offered her the seat as she was pregnant and didn’t need to be thrown around sitting on her husband’s knee. This left you, perched on Greg’s lap, causing him to smirk happily. So the journey was spent in minor discomfort. Once the car stopped everyone threw thems
:iconia-loves-art:Ia-Loves-Art 135 49
Caring / Chapter 6 Mycroft x reader
“Aris Fletcher. Married. Two kids. And we were so close this time..” Lestrade mumbled, eyes locked on the body bag that was being escorted away from the scene.
Sherlock crossed his arms over his chest, quietly scanning over the area where they found her. It was such a busy place he was surprised no one had seen a stabbed woman being dragged into a building and tucked away in one of the empty rooms.
Lestrade had received the note earlier that day. It said, “Cold and alone, far away from home. And yet, I like it here. My view is wonderful of the eye that goes round and round, that never stops until we're done.”
Even Lestrade knew the general area of which this woman was left. Everyone was sent off into groups, each taking a section of area to find the wounded female. But it was when Mycroft called Sherlock with his intel that the man yanked Lestrade by his shoulder and dragged him to commercial building that was being renovated.
She was found alive, but it
:iconcaligo-loki-love:Caligo-Loki-Love 82 21
A Second Chance- Mycroft x Reader x John Chpt. 7
After leaving the table, you quietly padded to the library. No one would disturb you there, as Violet knew it was your sanctuary and Sherlock wasn’t one to interrupt your intellectual pursuits. Grabbing a couple of familiar titles and one unfamiliar one, you flopped down in your favorite chair by the window, tucking your legs up underneath you and spreading your skirt over them before leaning back to rub the window frame.
It was a tradition you, Sherlock, and even Mycroft shared. The frame could be reached from various chairs- though yours was the only one that looked out the window-  and whenever one of you sat down you had to rub your thumb against it in the same place each time, the deeper and shinier the dip you created by wearing down the wood, the longer you’d spent there.
Your dip was already fairly deep by this point, as you were often in the library in that chair over the years, but you rubbed it out of habit and then cracked open Ovid’s Metamorphoses. I
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 65 25
Heat Stroke (Tony x reader One Shot)
It was hot.
Beyond hot.
You were sprawled out on the couch of your tiny apartment feeling like you were going to die of heat. You couldn’t even bring yourself to move and call someone to see if you could crash at their place until your air conditioner was fixed. You internally cursed New York for its heat. And then Shield for stationing you here to play baby sitter to the Avengers. And yourself for declining when Tony offered to put you up in Stark Tower.
Stark Tower.
What you wouldn’t give to be there now, in its air-conditioned embrace, able to move about freely.
You were supposed to be there now. For work. You lolled your head to the side to find the time on the clock across the room, it told you that you were officially two hours late for your job. Fury was going to kill you. You reached out an arm lazily to grab your cell phone and call in sick, finding that it was deader than a doornail before rolling off the couch and on to the floor.
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 994 87
A Second Chance- Mycroft x Reader x John Chapt. 3
You drove them through rolling green hills spotted with mansions, humming happily to yourself as Sherlock fidgeted impatiently, “Really, (F/n), Why do you always insist on driving like a snail?”
You tossed him a grin, “Some things aren’t meant to be rushed Sherly. The beauty of this drive is one of them so I suggest you lean back and enjoy because I shan’t be going any faster.”
John chuckled from the back seat as Sherlock folded his arms to mope like a child and you went back to humming, enjoying the landscape and the beauty of the day. You changed tunes after a bit and John turned from looking at the picturesque landscape to tilt his head at you, “That tune… Sherlock plays it often but won’t ever tell me what it’s called”  
You grinned widely as Sherlock gave John a look that could kill, “Does he now? I thought it was- how did you put it ‘simplistic and malformed with no consideration for the classics.
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 64 27
Sherlock-Board Games by SYangLau Sherlock-Board Games :iconsyanglau:SYangLau 355 64
Sex Hair and Noises (TonyxReader) One-Shot
You walked into the room wearing nothing but Tony's over sized ACDC shirt. Ever since you had hooked up with the billionaire, things like this kept on happening. When the other Avengers had found out that you were with him, they almost all fell out of their seats. You two always got into fights with each other. They guessed that you and him mostly had a love-hate relationship. As crazy as a relationship it was, it was also very funny.
"(Name), please put on some more proper clothes," Steve blushed.
"Why~?" You whined.
"Cause we all live here too you know," Natasha stated matter-of-fact.
"Yeah well this is Stark Tower not Avengers Tower. You guys just be happy that we let you live here," You grumbled. 
Clint couldn't help but laugh when he saw Natasha shut up. "(Name), dear you have sex hair."
You looked at yourself in the silver reflection of the fridge. You certainly did have sex hair. You tried to smooth it out but it was just no use. Your hair was just a complete mess. C
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 972 341
Good / Greg Lestrade x Reader
“I see you're finally over your ex-wife.”
“Wh-What?” Lestrade stuttered in surprise, his hand retracting after Sherlock took the case files.
“You didn't dress yourself this morning. You are wearing a tie which is something you don't do often. You're wearing cologne. A new one. You've been smiling since John and I arrived and you haven't even put down your phone. And the text alert that has been going off for the past five minutes is a bit feminine for you, Lestrade. You have a girlfriend.”
Greg gaped at Sherlock. No matter how many times he has seen him deduce a person, whenever he did it to himself personally, it always seemed to shock the inspector.
“Alright, fine. So I have a girlfriend. What's it to you?”
As Sherlock took a breath to speak, John cut him off. “We're happy for you.” Sherlock glared silently at him. “I hope she's good to you. And I hope to meet her soon.” With a smile, John tugged the fuming detec
:iconcaligo-loki-love:Caligo-Loki-Love 203 27
Bad Luck - Dean x Reader
Having cold feet wasn't part of your organised plan. You were not supposed to get cold feet.
You'd understand if he did. You'd be a little heart broken but it honestly wouldn't surprise you.
You were marrying Dean Winchester. The well-renowned ladies man with the cheesy one liners and flirtatious smile that was secretly a child in a man's body.
You fell for his one liners and sweet smile and his big green eyes.
There were other reasons, however, that made you fall head over heels for him. His bravery, how he cared about your well-being before his own. His kind heart.
Your heart nearly pounced out of your chest when he asked you to be his girlfriend and the day he asked for your hand in marriage, your legs turned to jelly, your heart was racing and you cried.
There was no real engagement ring, not until a few months after he proposed.
Now it was your wedding day and you sat in your floor length lace white dress in front of your dressing table, playing with a loose curl of your (h
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 163 20
Crowley X reader/Making him wait.
So Crowley and ____ had been together for a little while now. Things were good, Crowley was a little pompous at times, but other than that things were great, especially the sex.
So one day when ____ was passing in front of the library in Bobby's house and over heard Crowley talking to somebody she got a little pissed off. "You've got to be dominant. Anytime I want it. She does anything and everything I ask." Crowley was saying proudly. "Um excuse me?!" ____ said as she entered the room. "Honey I think you've got some things backwards there. I've got you wrapped around my little finger." she said holding up her pinky for emphasis "Is that so, Love." he replied. "Oh yeah! Anything I want, anytime I want it." "That's ridiculous! I think your the one that's got things backwards there, darling." "No, you know why?" "Why?" "Because you want this, you need this." She said gesturing to herself. Crowley scoffed "Please." "Funny that's what you said last night too." There wer
:iconnikkaliah:Nikkaliah 332 64



The blood had finally dried as you unlocked the door to your beach front cottage. Mycroft was supposed to be in London all weekend so did not need to know that your latest mission had resulted in some minor injuries. At least that was the plan, and all well laid plans usually go to waste. None of the lights in the front of the cottage had been on as you approached, however, upon unlocking the front door and pushing it open you found yourself being bathe in the glow of kitchen light. Mycroft appeared in the doorway and was quickly joined by John and Sherlock, all of whom had heard the door opening.

“What are you doing here?’, “Are you hurt?”, “What is he doing in my house?”, “Who did this?”, “We’ve never been introduced, I’m John Watson’

A symphony of voices and questions filled the air. Mycroft was looking at you with an air of concern whilst you shot Sherlock a look of annoyance, John merely looked overwhelmed as Sherlock smiled smugly. Mycroft reached out and touched the dried blood that covered your collar bone whilst his eyes searched for the source, hoping it wasn’t yours. You quickly pulled away and pushed through the men to make your way to kitchen where you kept your extensive first aid kit, Mycroft never cooked so there was no danger of him finding your extensive medical kit. The men followed you, Sherlock made himself comfortable at the small breakfast bar whilst John fluttered close by and Mycroft lingered in the doorway. The kit looked as if it belonged in the back of an ambulance, not hidden in a kitchen. Quickly you located painkillers, antiseptic and steri-stripes, only for John to take the latter two out of your hands and began to clean up the visible blood, and attaching stripes if he found any gashes. Mycroft had pulled out his phone and was speaking in angry whispers to the poor soul who was on the other end of the line. His face betrayed his true emotions whilst his voice reminded almost neutral, playing it off as if he was only worried in the compromised mission. Sherlock had not spoken but watched you with a knowing eye, the sort of look that made you want to punch him, repeatedly. Once John had completed patching you up Sherlock stood and announced that they were leaving. No further explanation was offered as he swept out of the room with John following, leaving you and Mycroft alone in the kitchen.

“You weren’t supposed to be here. Why didn’t you tell me your plans had changed?” a defensive tone rang through your voice.

“It was Sherlock’s suggestion, something about me working too much. Are you saying you wouldn’t have come if you knew I’d be here.”

“Of course, I would have gone somewhere else, I …you…I’m your best agent I couldn’t have you thinking that I was incompetent could I.”

“Are you saying it’s nothing to do with what I said? I meant every word of it, you have no idea how long it took me the courage to say that. I value you and not just as an agent.”

You dropped your gaze as he spoke, reflecting on the words he had spoken in the previous weeks. Words of admiration, talk of a relationship, hints of some sense of longevity. You and Mycroft didn’t always see eye to eye but you admired him, and often found yourself attracted to him despite his cold attitude. You had been toying with his words for some time and decided it was time to make the plunge.  Without saying anything you walked over to Mycroft and placed a long, tender kiss on his lips. Before he could react, you grabbed the coat you always kept on the bannister and slipped out of the house.
Home? (Hints of Mycroft x Reader)
So my first piece in ages!

Reader comes home after a unsuccessful mission to some unwelcome houseguests. 

Let me know if people want more...I sort of like it...but let me know.

As always plot is mine and characters belong to their creators. 
I'm sorry for the lack of activity over the last few months. I've moved, started a degree and been trying to find myself and my feet at university.

Thank you for the watches, comments and favourites. Each of them means a lot to me.

As part of my new year resolution I want to write more and be active. I know some people had requested things but they may have got buried, feel free to request again. Or anyone to request for that matter.

Happy new year!


United Kingdom
So, I'm a writer ( depending on your classification of writer), reader, baker and student.
Most things I write are oneshots or a couple of chapters long.

If I write a piece of fanfiction I own NOTHING except the plot, all recognisable characters, places and concepts belong to their original creator.

Weirdly some of the stuff I read and fan over I have never watched yet the writing is so good I get sucked in. Examples of this are:
- Hellsing
- Supernatural
- Hannibal
But over all I'm very friendly

If you want to talk about ideas for something or just want some to listen just sent me a note, I don't judge.


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