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Mycroft’s eyes were fixed on you as you gazed at the stone floor of the kitchen. Sherlock leaned against the wall surveying the situation. Nobody spoke, you all stood in perfect silence then all hell broke loose.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“How was I supposed to know you knew each other?”

“You don’t own her.”

“I can what I please.”

“If you actually spoke it would have made this a lot easier.”

“How come I never noticed?”

Each of you started talking at once, not listening to the others. Casually you leaned against a wooden chair and looked between the two brothers both of whom were silently fuming. Unable to think of anything to say you pulled your hair back and secured it in a ponytail. Sherlock unbuttoned his coat and loosened his scarf whilst Mycroft remained motionless.

Clearly he was annoyed that he had not noticed your connection with Sherlock, the small frown playing across his face gave him away. Tentatively you pushed away from the chair and took a step towards him but Sherlock shook his head stopping you in your tracks. Mycroft’s eyes narrowed at you before he left, heading out into the garden. You pinched the bridge of your nose and inhaled deeply before following Mycroft. Piercing grey eyes watched you leave, wondering how you knew his brother and why you kept it secret.

The smell of cigarette smoke tickled your nose as walked to stand beside Mycroft. He paid no attention to you but continued to smoke before crushing it under his heel.

“I’m sorry.” Mycroft hesitated before looking at you. Unable to look at him you stared at the now setting sun. “He needed a flatmate and I needed somewhere to live. That’s all it is we share a flat and I tag along on the occasional case. You do believe me don’t you?” your voice wavered slightly as you asked the question.

Mycroft’s cold blue eyes locked onto your (e/c) ones, studying your emotions.

“I don’t know. You could have hidden anything and at this moment in time I don’t know.”

His cold statement shook you; the Ice Man side of him had never been direct at you. Unwilling to cry in front of him you rushed back inside and straight into Sherlock. He gently cupped your face and watched the tears escape your eyes. You pulled away before he could pass a sarcastic comment and headed upstairs just as Mycroft entered.

Sherlock glared at his brother. “What have you done?”
I hope you enjoy it and that I've managed to keep everyone in character. Here is part 4

I own nothing but the plot.

Part 1: here
Part 2: here
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ArtisticWolfy Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Mycroft FUCK YOU! Sherwock Mycroft is being mean again!
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**grabs popcorn and a swamp water slurpee** Sherlock CARES! Fuck Mycroft SHERLOCK COME COMFORT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
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lol I feel your pain lol I have some movies/shows that do it to me it's like "DAMMIT now I want some" lol
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Oh snap! This is gonna get good!!!
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Brilliant and thank you for being you!!
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Tabita001 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
This is beautiful!
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My croft why did you make me cry? You jerk!
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Please, moar!  This is really good and you've kept everyone in character!
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Thank you and a new chapter should be soon :hug:
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